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Surface Protections Tapes & Die Cuts

Our range of protection tapes offer long or short-term protection from potential scratching, marring, chipping, UV damage and dirt during manufacture, packing, storage, shipping and installation of your products. These protective films are used in a variety of industries such as automotive, electronics, industrial and construction

Surface Protections Tapes & Die Cuts
Surface Protections Tapes & Die Cuts
Surface Protections Tapes & Die Cuts

Protection tape offers a quick and easy way to ensure your goods arrive to the end user in the condition that is expected; reducing returns, repairs and replacements. They can be applied to a range of rough or smooth surfaces such as glass, metals, plastics and painted surfaces. They are transparent, allowing for visual inspection without removing the film.


Surface protection tape is designed to prevent surfaces from damage due to abrasions, trash, environmental elements, marks during handling, and more. These tapes are used on glass, steel, powder coated, silky, metal and many more surfaces.

Paint Masking Solutions

Very special tapes ensuring no adhesive stains after usage are supplied as per shapes specified.

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