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An IATF 16949:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
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Rubber Beadings with High Bond Adhesives
Speciality Conversions

Lotus Tapes is a global, high speed convertor of specialty adhesives and materials. Our consultancy-driven, total value chain service can provide you with customised advice and unique solutions that meet your specific converting needs.

We can tailor precision, custom die-cutting solutions to improve your manufacturing processes whilst reducing your product costs. And to help you find the most appropriate solution for your application, our converting team is always on hand to offer expert design, prototype and manufacturing advice.

Automotive Door Trims
Automotive Door Trims

We are specialise in manufacturing of automotive fabric door trims for various tier 1 suppliers.

Known for excellent strength and long life, our Automotive Fabric is highly acclaimed by the national as well as international clients. The company is ranked amidst the chief Automotive nonwoven Fabric Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers in India. Our nonwoven Automotive Fabric can also be customized, as per the special requirements of the clients.

Rubber Beading with High Bond Adhesives

Precision conversion of rubber beading with high bond adhesives.

Our rubber adhesives and sealants are high-performance, one-component products that combine ease of application, versatility of use, high ultimate strength, permanent bonds and long service life. They are high quality, high solids elastomeric adhesives and sealants that provide superior adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Moreover, bond strength typically improves with age for these versatile materials.

Rubber Beading with High Bond Adhesives
Precision Conversion of High Memory Foams
Precision Conversion of High Memory Foams

Foam conversion is the processing of large foam blocks into particular sizes and shapes, sometimes with additional features like adhesive backing, to suit a range of functions in PPE, cars, bedding, packaging and many more.

There are a great number of processes that can be applied to foam blocks to create the required design and features like Splitting, Die-cutting etc.

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