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Mounting Tapes

Apply the tape to one surface leaving the liner in place. Apply pressure using an applicator or roller. This ensures contact and removes air bubbles. Remove the liner, fit the two surfaces together carefully and apply more pressure to form a bond.

Applications :

  • Moulding parts assembly
  • Emblems Fittings
  • Mirror assembly
  • Gap filler
  • Vibration control
  • Easy to bond with various surface
Mounting Tapes
Antishatter Mirror Mounting Tapes
Antishatter Mirror Mounting Tapes

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Antishatter Mirror Mounting Tape. These tapes bonds reliably to the back of the mirror and its corresponding mirror backing paint, features a bi-directional woven backing that provides excellent stability and strength in both directions, and offers superior impact resistance.

Antishatter tapes are widely used for mounting a safe and accurate direction. Available in different dimensions and sizes as required.

Dial Mounting Tapes

Very precisely cut with help of Laser beam double sided tapes to match profiles in line with graphics suitable to cockpit designs. The tapes are durable to ensure long life

Adhesive tapes can aid in the assembly of appliances in a number of applications - whether you're bonding panels, mounting functional interfaces or handles, or adhering nameplates, there's a tape solution to make your job easier.

Dial Mounting Tapes
Logo / Emblem Mounting Tapes
Logo Emblem Mounting Tapes

Our pressure-sensitive transfer adhesive is easier than using double-sided tape and glue for bonding emblems and trim. Unlike double-sided tape, our adhesive requires no trimming, which is a significant advantage when the emblem has a unique or intricate profile. Our press-In-place adhesive beats traditional glues because there are no messy drips or runs, eliminating the extra work of cleaning up smudges on paint jobs, plastic or other surfaces. The no-mess nature of our pressure-sensitive adhesive strips keeps hands clean, too. Our adhesive also dries clear for a low-profile appearance.

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