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Lotus Tapes provides application enhancing solutions for various industries, including: Automotive, Telecommunication, EV Battery Assembly Industries, Appliances, Printing, Transportation, Medical, Aerospace, and Multiple Assembly Applications.

Tapes, Labels, Adhesives for Automotive

Lotus Tapes serves the Automotive Industry with adhesive tapes, foams, and converted solutions for interior, assembly, transportation, and masking related applications.

Adhesive solutions for wire harnessing, hole covering, labeling. Interior and exterior mounting solutions for emblems, dashboards, headliners, trims, profiles.

Electrical & Electronics
Tapes, Labels, Adhesives for Electrical & Electronics

Lotus Tapes offers electronic engineers the design freedom to solve problems with adhesive tapes, foils, and gaskets for Bonding & Joining, EMI/RFI Shielding, Circuit Board and Thermal Management applications

The electronics industry realizes the aesthetic advantages of bonding with adhesive tapes rather than using mechanical fasteners.


Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes used in telecommunication cable applications must endure year-round exposure to often extreme outdoor environments. Tape applications include insulation, maintenance and repair of telecommunication cables, as well as connection wrapping protection for other terminal cables. In order to address telecommunication cables' high maintenance requirements, telecom tapes must be UV, aging, and environment resistant, and operate in low outdoor temperatures.

Lotus Tapes provides Telecommunication tapes include high-end PVC and high-voltage rubber types, and are specified according to an application's particular needs.

Tapes, Labels, Adhesives, Gaskets for Telecommunication
Tapes, Labels, Adhesives, Gaskets for Appliances

Lotus Tapes's experience and broad converting capabilities make commercial and residential appliance manufacturers more productive in how they use adhesive tapes, foams, and other flexible materials.

Adhesive tapes can aid in the assembly of appliances in a number of applications - whether you're bonding panels, mounting functional interfaces or handles, or adhering nameplates, there's a tape solution to make your job easier.

Medical & PPE

Lotus Tapes offers provides adhesive and converted solutions for medical devices, face shields, safety barriers, surface protection films, 95kPa and biohazard bags, hospital partitions, floor marking tape, labels and label protection, and more.

The unique nature of many medical devices creates a need for precise, custom, specialized die cuts that can be quickly developed and produced through Lotus's extensive offering of CNC machinery.

Tapes, Labels, Adhesives for Medical PPE